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Temperature Mapping Hacks

Temperature mapping your facility, warehouse, or refrigerator is a daunting task. We know, we’ve done it a lot. With each new project, comes a laundry list of new challenges, from where to hang data loggers, to how magnetic strips may affect the accuracy of your data loggers, to how to operate a semi-broken forklift. We’ve...Read More
Warehouse Temperature Validation First Page Document

How To Complete Method Validation Documentation

What Belongs On The First Page? Whether you have brought on an organization to map your facility, or you are performing the mapping study yourself, you will need to know what the document containing mapping or validation results looks like. While it may seem cliché, the first page of your mapping or validation document is probably the most important. Now,...Read More
Transporting Pharmaceuticals Three Things To Know

Pharma Transport: Three Things You Need to Know

1. YOUR TRANSPORT ROUTE IS BEING SCRUTINIZED The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published guidelines for the storage and transport of time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products, and on the transport side, this was something that caught our eye. Qualifying the route your plane, truck, or ship takes is more than just saying, “This is the...Read More