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Transporting Pharmaceuticals Three Things To Know

Pharma Transport: Three Things You Need to Know

1. YOUR TRANSPORT ROUTE IS BEING SCRUTINIZED The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published guidelines for the storage and transport of time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products, and on the transport side, this was something that caught our eye. Qualifying the route your plane, truck, or ship takes is more than just saying, “This is the...Read More

Why Process Validation Shouldn’t be Scary

If you’re in the quality assurance business like us, validation is a term you hear every day. “Validation” falls under the umbrella of terms businesses use to discuss the quality of their product, facility, or service. (Similar terms: IQ/ OQ/PQ, SOP’s, Storage, Deviation, Key Operating Procedure, and many more.) For those not well-versed in the...Read More