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Three Things To Know About The A2LA

For those of you that need your temperature, humidity, or pressure devices calibrated, you will have to know about these guys. Here are three facts . . . 1. The A2LA accredits calibration laboratories like Dickson’s. Getting A2LA accreditation isn’t easy, and requires an organization to be both skillful in, and dedicated to, quality assurance....Read More

More FAQ’s on Themometer Calibration

A few weeks ago, we answered four of our customer’s most frequently asked questions about temperature calibrations. We realized that only answering the four most common questions we’ve received doesn’t stop the confusion that comes with calibration and its many nuances. So, here are five more FAQ’s (and their answers, of course) taken directly from...Read More

Temperature Calibration FAQ’s

1. What is calibration? In its most simple form, a calibration is a comparison between two measurements. The context and associated terms around calibration can get a little confusing. Before we get to those however, let’s back up. What is a comparison between two measurements? Think of it like this: You have a ruler that is 13 inches long,...Read More