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New Year!

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It is a new year and it is already proving to be an exciting one. We’ve broken ground on our new calibration lab (I’ll do a post on that in the near future) and have a number of new projects on the horizon.

New Year 2012

2011 was a good year beacause:

  • We launched our new and improved website
  • We had a number of new products including our Report Loggers, redesigned PW4s, new WiZARD2 loggers and software, and additional Touchscreen models
  • Had our first full year with our new sales team

2012 will be a good year because:

  • We’ve just hired a new International Sales Manager (Hey Carly!)
  • We’re hiring additional Sales Team members (Interested? Click Here)
  • We’re building a new calibration lab
  • We’ve got an exciting new product we’ll be launching before the mid-point of this year (more to come!)
  • We’ve got a number of product improvements, customer relation improvements aimed at helping our customers find the products and support they need

There’s a lot more on our plate than what’s here, but this is a good summary of what we’re looking forward to.



UPDATED: Added link about our new calibration lab post

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