Automatic Calibration Reminder Service for NIST-Certified Instruments

Posted on: February 5th, 2011 by Matt M 2 Comments

Dickson is seeking to meet the highest standards of temperature and humidity control by using NIST-certified instruments can now be assured that their chart recorders’ and data loggers’ calibrations are current through Dickson Company’s automatic enrollment of NIST-certified instruments in the Dickson Calibration Club. TH803 - Dickson 8in Temperature/Humidity Chart Recorder

Dickson Company, which sponsors the Calibration Club, offers the widest selection of temperature, humidity and pressure recorders and data loggers available in the world. Automatic enrollment of NIST-certified instruments obtained from the Dickson Company in the Calibration Club was announced for 2007. Members of the Dickson Calibration Club are able to create an online database for all of their instruments and assets such that they receive an e-mail notification when instruments or assets are due for calibrations.

Unlike generic instruments that only state that calibrations are within specifications, Dickson NIST-certified temperature and humidity recorders and data loggers specify a particular unit’s serial number along with the date of original calibration, the calibration reading, and the specific instrument used to calibrate the unit. The Dickson Calibration Club service is designed to help those with NIST-certified instruments ensure their instruments retain their original calibration specifications. NIST-certified instruments are often the preferred models for those with the highest quality standards.


Information on Dickson NIST-certified instruments and other calibration options can be found here. Further Dickson product details can be found at . Inquiries can be directed to Dickson customer service at +630-543-3747, FAX +630-543-0498, or by writing to Dickson, 930 South Westwood Avenue, Addison, IL 60101, USA.

USA-headquartered Dickson Company ( was established in 1923 with the invention of the world’s first portable compact temperature recorder, and today offers the widest selection of temperature, humidity and pressure recorders and data loggers available in the world.

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  1. kathy Oliver says:

    How often should the temp system be calibrated? Our model is SL4350C7

    • Matt says:

      Your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or the regulating body that oversees your industry/business/application should dictate how often you are required to calibrate. Our general recommendation is every 6-12 months. If the unit is in harsh conditions we suggest doing it more often. If the unit is in near ambient conditions you are probably okay waiting a little while longer.

      If the unit seems to be reading outside what you expected you may want to check another standard and compare the two or replace the batteries if the unit has them.

      If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.

      -Matt M.

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