Solar Power: Pulling Clean Water from the Driest Deserts

Posted on: April 25th, 2017 by Dickson No Comments

Access to potable water remains one of the world’s biggest challenges. In an effort to help that challenge, researchers have created a solar-powered device that pulls drinking water from even the driest desert air. We talked about a company doing moisture farming in Israel late in 2015 and discussed the science necessary to make it work. Now, […]

Machine Learning: The Curiosity of Data

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There are a lot of things we ask of those interested in working at Dickson, but there is one quality we’re always on the lookout for. It’s curiosity. The desire to learn is fundamental to one’s success. That’s true in life as much as it is here at our company. In today’s society, that trait […]

Gaming the System | How Machine Learning Could be what Eliminates Cancer

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To an untrained eye, data can look like a lot of 1’s and 0’s with no discernible pattern. To an experienced observer, the data turns into a picture. It shows us things we’d have never realized before its compilation. Machine learning is able to look even deeper and help turn a picture into a Picasso. […]

Freezer Malfunction Melts Arctic Ice Samples

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A freezer malfunction at the University of Alberta has melted some of the world’s largest collection of Canadian Arctic ice core samples. The university says about 12 percent of the collection was damaged when temperature in the storage freezer soared to 40 C over the weekend. If your freezer malfunctioned over night would you be […]

[Infographic] Swipe Right: How Telehealth is Changing the Face of Healthcare

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Healthcare is a worldwide issue, and never has it been more front and center in this country than today. People all around the US have been picking up the phone to dial their local representatives to let them know where they stand in the debate over the topic and how they believe future policy should […]