It isn’t just cold. It’s stop motion cold.

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Different parts of the country define cold in different ways. If you’re in Texas, you may think the low 60’s is suitable coat wearing weather. If you’re in Connecticut you may not consider it cold enough for a coat until it gets into the low 40’s.   There is a limit to how cold something […]

Five Medical Practices that are Becoming Outdated

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As we kick off 2017, we’re constantly looking ahead at how the world is going to shift and what changes may be coming. STAT is doing the same, and they looked at five medical practices that will soon be outdated. Numbers four and five on their list are ones that we’ve already covered. Both relate […]

[Infographic] The Major Pharmaceuticals Losing Patent Protection in 2017

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At last, 2016 has faded away into the past as the future of 2017 stands before us. For many, that change couldn’t have come soon enough. Just turn to Google for that proof. For some though, the transition of a calendar means the inevitability of eroding profits. For those companies, each tick of the clock […]

FDA says food livestock can no longer get medically important antibiotics

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At the start of 2016, we touched on how bacteria was quickly becoming resistant to key medications that doctors often used to defeat it. This is a major concern, because in some cases, bacteria is immune to most major medicines. When all have failed, doctors often have few places left to turn. One drug, as we […]

A Look Back at 2016: Top Ten Dickson Blogs of the Year

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As 2016 nears its conclusion, we took a look back at the top 10 stories we published at the Dickson Blog. These are ranked based on your readership. If you have any thoughts or personal stories related to any of the below then we’d love to hear them. Send me an email to for a […]